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Voltaire Magazine


Editorial, Infographic, Print

Project Description

The Voltaire Magazine is a district project that deals with the Dortmund Nordstadt.

Based on the educational work of the patron saint, a project room was set up in the northern city of Dortmund (the Nordstadt), where in addition to the work on this magazine, workshops and events on Nordstadt topics took place. What was special about the project was that it was not only "put on top" by the city council, but actively involved the people living in the district.

From the beginning the goal for the project was the superficial development of a creative examination of Nordstadt Dortmund. In order to put this on a sound basis, detailed information was gathered in cooperation with the city of Dortmund, which in parts also finds itself graphically prepared in the magazine.

The magazine provides insights into the district in four acts and looks forward to its future.

Based on this information, personal stories and events were also tracked in Nordstadt, bringing the district to life. The approach was above all to tell these stories across the milieu boundaries to relieve the district a little bit of its negative image.