Project: Tru<mark> Music</mark>

Tru Music


Print, Interface, Album Art

Project Description

I was approached by Tru Music to create five covers and a promo site for their first album release.

The approach to the visual design of the covers was minimalistic and pure, just like the music of Tru, which is characterized by a reduction to the essentials in combination with powerful bass. The design was therefore limited to three colors. Pitch-black, near-white and a tinted gold were used. The latter only as an accent color to mark with geometric shapes.

The imagery was composed of zoomed-in excerpts from landscape and nature shots, which magnify the smallest details to a superhuman format, but at the same time make it diffuse through the monochrome coloring and lowered contrasts. It is not immediately obvious what kind of detail the image displays. Like the music, It takes you longer to recognize the objects on the covers themselves.

The deliberate design for the vinyl format challenges modern viewing habits that are used to the smartphone-sized thumbnail covers.

This impression is reinforced by a deliberate design for the vinyl format, whereby the covers in their presentation in iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify etc. are almost unrecognizable and only by their common theme form a recognizable entity.