Project: Ruhr <mark>Gestalten</mark>

Ruhr Gestalten


Editorial, Print, Magazine, Design

Project Description

The Ruhrgestalten Magazine was founded by Florian Kolominski in Bochum with the aim to reach beyond the local city limits and to bring together the Ruhrgebiet as a whole.

Ruhrgestalten not only refers to the magazine, but also to the associated idea beyond the magazine to offer events, parties, workshops on the topics of design and design.

From the beginning, the goal for the project was the development of a creative examination of Nordstadt Dortmund. In order to put this on a sound basis, detailed information was gathered in cooperation with the city of Dortmund, which in parts also finds itself graphically in the magazine.

You are the magazine!

The magazine is thereby a vehicle of the creative counter-design against the creative centers Berlin and Hamburg. Year after year, these two cities attract numerous young designers from the Ruhr area, who are thus withdrawn from this metropolitan area. With its 10 million inhabitants, the Ruhr area is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe and has more to offer than industry and coal. The Ruhrgestalten want to break up these prejudices with various events and the magazine serves primarily as a public face for it.

It appears at irregular intervals, as it is mainly run as an honorary project. In collaboration with founder Florian Kolominski, I was mainly responsible for the graphic design, the typesetting and the distribution of the magazine.