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Jia Jia Architects


Corporate Identity, Print

Project Description

Jia Jia Architects is a group of young architects and scenographers for whose first projects I was asked to design office collateral, stationery and marketing material in the form of posters and postcards.

Jia is the Chinese word for house and a grateful pun with the name of the initiator of the group Tang Jiajia, who was able to inspire fellow students to join a small but international team while studying for their master in Berlin.

The international group originally worked together for a joint study project. Each of the six members came from a different country. This suggested the basic idea to set up an international group and to choose English as the main language but give Chinese as the most spoken language in the world enough breathing room, too. Especially China will see a housing boom in the coming years and decades that does not solely rely on mass housing, but more and more considers individual needs. To appeal to this market, the designs take on strong bonds in traditional Chinese design despite a modern minimal appearance.

The architecture for the masses can follow an individual design approach and function equally construction projects large and small.