Prioritising the activities in a day is not an easy task.

But the older you get and the more obligations you have, the more important it is to have a good daily structure so that you can do everything you want to do…

Or rather, do everything that you have to manage. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy. After two years as a full-time dog owner, I can say that free time has become pretty scarce and you suddenly realise that you simply don’t have time for many things that you would like to do. Or rather, your priorities have shifted in such a way that other things have simply become more important. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to deal with this. Because instead of sitting down in the evening and working through your “To Do” list of leisure activities, this list gets longer and longer.

At the same time, you don’t want to be forced into the rigid framework of a schedule in your free time.

After all, that’s not good for creative energy.